My apprehensions were to do with the way people would look at me when I stepped out, having published the book, I feared that men particularly may be still so backward as to misunderstand my effort and that they might look upon me without the customary respect. I felt my revelations might color me in the eyes of the more conventional men. As it turned out, my fears were unnecessary. I have been received with even greater respect wherever I have gone.

Tehmina Durrani

The Author
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The author in Tehmina Durrani surfaced in 1991 through her autobiography - My Feudal Lord, classified as controversial for the socio-political environment she belonged to. A bold step that changed her course of life, leading to position her amongst the most read authors.

It is imperative to highlight that Tehmina's unique expression is a reflection of her perspective on life.
In 1995, she wrote A Mirror to the Blind, the narrated autobiography of the renowned social reformer Abdul Satar Edhi. Her approach of spending couple of years with Edhi Sahib to comprehend the essence of his philosophy and work speaks for itself as you read the book.

Consistent in her attempt to expose social, religious and political distortion, in the year 1998 Tehmina wrote Blasphemy, a novel inspired by a true story.

A serious comment on the challenges faced by Muslim societies; Blasphemy is a commentary on the struggle of a Muslim Woman against all that is contrary to what Islam stands for. It exposed the powerful imposters and draws out the image-makers of Islam.

As an author Tehmina's expression is straight and simple that touches the heart of a heart. She has a bold way of presenting facts and realities. Tehmina relates it as it is. She is amongst the very few Pakistani authors with best sellers in the international market. Her first book is translated in more than 30 languages.

    "I write from my heart
    For the hearts
    Waiting to be heard..."


  • Blasphemy

  • A Mirror to the Blind

  • Happy Things in Sorrow Times

  • My Way

  • A Love Affair

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  • My Feudal Lord


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