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Tehmina on Hunger Strike: Demands 'Genuine Accountability'
Syed Nadeem - Publication
...."The electoral process is not the concern of the nation by accountability. The people elected to assemblies are not representatives of the common man," she said. To a question she said if at all elections are to be held, they should be conditional to ...more

Tehmina for Referendum Before Elections
Writer - Publication
....Addressing a press conference here, Ms Durrani presented a copy of a letter written by her to the Caretaker Prime Minister Moeen A. Qureshi. In her letter she says there is a definite division in the demands of the politicians and the common man ...more

Letter to Prime Minister: 'Jehad Movement'
Writer - Publication
....It is time to hear the people and hold accountable the less than the 1-3/4 power hungry, self-styled politicians, for the crimes they have committed against the nation. Accordingly we demand ...more

Tehmina to Launch Movement Against Corrupt Politicians
Writer - Publication
....Replying to a question she said that the care-taker government had a rare chance to uproot corrupt elements from the country and hold fair elections. It was possible only if the accountability process was completely transparent regardless of the status of ...more

Tehmina for Pre-Poll Accountability
Writer - Publication
....She said by dissolving the assemblies and lavying various charges on the politicians, the Caretaker governments had confused the nation. Quoting an example she said a politician had been sent to jail and was declared by the government and the same politician was made minister by the other government ...more

Tehmina's Strike
Ch. Zulfiquar - Publication
....Tehmina's hunger strike stressing for the thorough accountability of the big wigs is a courageous step in the right direction. We must appreciate the truth of the cause ...more

Strategy on Defaulters: Tehmina's Sets The Deadline
Writer - Publication
....Ms durrani also demanded from the Caretaker Prime Minister Moeen Qureshi to immediately enforce article 64(1) and debar all loan defaulters, former rulers and drug barons from contesting elections ...more

Moeen Asks Tehmina to call off Hunger Strike
....Tuesday night, she and her four workers collapsed due to de-hydration and were taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) for treatment but returned to camp on Wednesday morning ...more

Care-Takers Reject Tehmina Durrani's Demands
F.P. Bureau Report
....Where as the adamant Tehmina Durrani (Chair Person of Jehad) did not surrender her adherence to the demand for accountability. Tehmina, who reached the hunger strike camp after recieving two glucose drips at Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS), refused to break her now over 50 hour protest fasting ...more

Tehmina ends Strike on PM's Assurance
....The Caretaker Prime Minister pointed out to Ms Tehmina durrani that he was committed to hold fair and free elections on the due dates as already announced. as regards her demands for accountability, the Prime minister advised her to work for the election of good people in the assemblies and help in ...more

Tehmina Fears, Without Cleansing Country Will Face Martial Law
....She said massive transformation in the socio-economic environment that had been spoilkded by the corrupt politicians is the need of the hour. She said; 'Unfortunately there is no liason between the common man and the government and the politicians' ...more

Neglected Should Not Cast Votes Says Tehmina
Writer - Publication
....The Jahad leader Tehmina Durrani said that the neglected sections of society, students and the women who loved Pakistan, should not cast their votes as the forthcoming elections were not to serve them ...more

Students Should Strive for Peace
Writer - Publication
....She said it is the responsibility of the students community to arrange scholarships for the poor students who cannot afford the expenses of universities and medical colleges ...more

Tehmina in CCU of PIMS Appeals to COAS
....on Tuesday appeals to the Chief of the Army Staff to look into her demands of accountability already put up to the Caretaker Prime Minister Moeen Qureshi ...more

Tehmina Shifted to Hospital
....As many as twenty workers seemed full committed to fighting against corruption, as Tehmina emotional said, 'Here are twenty people to die for the cause of liberating the people from the clutches of the one percent corrupt politicians' ...more

Tehmina and Collegues collapse in Strike Camp
F.P. Bureau Report
....but the capitol police took all those demending accountability prior to the elections to the secretariat police station and released them in the small hours of Tuesday. The adamant lot, despite the experience reached ...more

'Need to Purge Politics from Dirty Elements' - Tehmina
Writer - Publication
....She maintianed that if the same faces were not debarred from contesting the polls, the parliament so formed would hardly produce the desired results and the country would fall an easy prey to martial law ...more

'I'll Continue to Takee up Controversial Issues' - Tehmina
Writer - Publication
...Cheif of the Jehad Movement has has vowed to continue to take up controversial issues which no toher political party or individual is willing to fight ...more

Tehmina Fears Martial Law if Accountability Delayed
Writer - Publication
...Addressing a press conference on Sunday she described the politicians as parasites who would desert the country and the nation in difficult time. She said that her organization will not accept the elections unless the process ...more