It is never too late in life for many a things. Like falling in love. Or out of it. To get married. Or decide you have had enough and walk out of it. It’s never too late to say you are sorry to someone you have hurt. Or to turn to God and resolve to have faith in Him. Or decide that it is time to pick up the fractured pieces of your life and unify them to mould a stronger you. That is what Tehmina Durrani began doing a few years ago. And she is still sewing her life back together...

Tehmina Durrani

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Karachi Literature Festival, PK - February 2013

"Edhi is the best example of humanitarian Islam," she said at the launch of another book, 'Half of Two Paisas: The Extraordinary Mission of Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Edhi' on day one of the fourth Karachi Literature Festival Friday. "He is a weapon against extremists and the militants who are promoting the wrong kind of religion."

Tehmina and Loranza Raponi
in conversation on the book written on
Abdul Sattar Edhi at the Karachi Literature Festival Karachi - Pakistan

Writers to engage book lovers for three days
By Peerzada Salman

From Pakistan, Ms Saiyid said, Tehmina Durrani would speak about her books and special sessions with writer Initzar Husain (recently nominated for the International Booker prize) were the highlights of the festival. Dr Hamida Khuhro’s ‘A children’s history of the Punjab’ would be among the books to be launched ...more

The warrior queen with a Pen
Bilal Farooqi - THE NEWS Karachi
Here comes a time in a life when one can push the boundaries and make the impossible happen; one giant leap, a remarkable display of courage that changes everything. She accomplished that over two decades ago and now she sat on the podium, a warrior queen triumphant, having blown the battle horn against the evils of feudalism in times when a women rarely dared to do such a thing.
Tehmina Durrani , the author of the internationally accompanied autobiography, My Feudal Lord, never lost her steel composure and was a picture of grace as ever, recalling the dark chapters ...more

KLF: Social work as a weapon against militants
The Express Tribune, February 16th, 2013.
By Rabia Ali / Photo: Ayesha Mir / Photo: Athar Khan

In the eyes of Tehmina Durrani, who took three years to write Abdul Sattar Edhi’s biography ‘A Mirror to the Blind’, the social worker is a weapon against militants ...more

'Arab Spring: revolution is a process'
By Peerzada Salman

A session with writer Tehmina Durrani was conducted by Ameena Saiyid. Replying to a question, she said when she wrote her first book, 22 years ago, things were differ-ent. "Now a new generation has arrived and they want a change. Women have realised the importance of being empowered as well" ...more

I am a success story: Tehmina Durrani
Shayan Naveed

Tehmina Durrani's controversial autobi¬ography still remains relevant in Pakistan today.
It is no wonder then that ‘My Feudal Lord’ dominated a conversation with the author and activist on day two of the fourth Karachi Literature Festival on Saturday. But the oppressed wife of prominent Punjab politician, Mustafa Khar, in the book, stood out on Saturday as, in her own words, a warrior ...more