It is never too late in life for many a things. Like falling in love. Or out of it. To get married. Or decide you have had enough and walk out of it. Itís never too late to say you are sorry to someone you have hurt. Or to turn to God and resolve to have faith in Him. Or decide that it is time to pick up the fractured pieces of your life and unify them to mould a stronger you. That is what Tehmina Durrani began doing a few years ago. And she is still sewing her life back together...

Tehmina Durrani

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Happy Things in Sorrow Times - Book Launch

Tehmina Durrani, writer, activist and artist launched her new book

Happy Things in Sorrow Times
at the Pakistan National Council of Arts in Islamabad Pakistan.

A story of Courage and endurance amidst the violence unleashed by terrosism, the book is Durraniís tribute to the brave people of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, from her own father hailed.
A gathering of diplomats and Pakistanís power elite packed the PNCA auditorium at the occasion.

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