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The Age – Melbourne
'Riveting…one of the many remarkable qualities of Durrani's story is her total frankness…she emerges as a woman to be admired'

A Woman's Story that Shook Pakistan
Asian Times - UK
Durrani`s sad, moving and powerful indictment of her husbands coarse, scrofulous and thuggish maltreatment of her, titled ‘My Fuedal Lord', has deeply upset the male, sexist dominated societies of Pakistan. lndia and Bangladesh, where regardless of religious affiliation and even some mild concessions to the equality of the sexes, the primitive, Nietzchschean ...more

Within These Walls
Asian Times
Durrani, who was born into a patrician family in Lahore and went to school with Benazir Bhutto, grew into a beauty and was destined to marry a prosperous Oxbridge educated young man. Instead at 21, she met Mustafa Khar, "the Lion of Punjab", a charismatic politican 22 years her senior who was a protege of Bhutto. He was the minister for Punjab where he unowned vast estates and ruled as a fuedal lord ...more

Tehmina Durrani - Bold & Beautiful
Sadia Dehlvi - Off The Cuff
Ageless, gorgeous, daring and media savvy were some of the words used to describe Tehmina Durrani during her recent visit to Delhi. The author created a media stir during a short visit to Delhi where she recorded at television interview with Khushwant Singh ...more

Savvy Woman of the Month
Sadia Dehlvi - India
As Tehmina went on to narrate her story, l was convinced that this was one Sawy Woman lndians would love to know more about. We spent the whole day together. Tehmina's daughters dropped in for lunch and helped us to sort out the pictures from the albums. I could tell by the way they looked at their mother, that they held her in awe ...more

Tehmina's Book Courageously Raises Womens' Problems
Writer - Publication
Mr. Antoine Audouard represents a leading French publishing house which is releasing the French translation of Ms. Durrani`s book. The first socio-political expose by a Muslim woman living in a Muslim country is expected by Mr Antoine to reach the best-sellers list. "lt is going to be a big publishing event in Europe", he said ...more

'My Feudal Lord' Gives Europeans a Hard-Hitting Message
Ms Durrani's last port of call was Paris, where it is being published by Editions Robert Laffont (the au- thor`s primary publisher). Although it is too early to gauge sales figures, the first print-runs of 30,000 copies destined for the bookshops, and 50,000 copies destined for the book clubs ...more

The Inevitable
Writer - Publication
"I don't think it's wise to disclose the nature and subject of the book at this moment", she declared. The suspense is just killing us. We wonder what and whose scandalous doings she'll expose this time ...more

Pretty Woman: Tehmina Durrani - A Nice Woman to Know...
Writer - Publication
In the middle of all the Richard Gere hype there was a quiet visitor who captivated Delhi - Pakistani novelist Tehmina Durranl. The author of My Feudal Lord, was in Delhi to sign up her new book, In the Name of Allah with Penguin. The book (story of a legendary pir's wife) has all the makings of a full blown controversy ...more

The Power of Her Story
Writer - Publication
"I felt my revelations might colour me in the eyes of the more conventional men. As it turned out, my fears were unnecessary. I have been received with even greater respect" ...more

S.U. Durrani Disinherits Tehmina
Writer - Publication
"The disinheritance notice', said Tehmina ‘has no right to use the family name that it has been finally stated that she had no concern whatever with the Durrani family" ...more