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Evolution of an Icon
Adnan Siddiqi - Newsweek
Durrani has been a pariah, declared an enemy by those closest to her, and she has braved violence and the threat of violence without surrender ...more

Tehmina Durrani in conversation with Sehyr Saigol
In 1991, Durrani's first book, her autobiographical expose of a Muslim woman's marriage to a feudal and political heavyweight, kicked off an uncomfortable debate about abuse in marriage ...more

Kindered Spirit
Dr Aamer Sarfraz - The Friday Times | May 17 - 23, 2013
She seems to be in a sustained "God realm" in the way she lives, and often refers to fate and God ...more

Writer by accident
On a typical July afternoon in Lahore, as crickets and other invisible creatures trill madly in the bushes and velvety warm air rustles away, Tehmina Durrani welcomes me at her residence for an interview ...more

Tehmina Durrani's Happy Things in Sorrow Times Launched

The book has been hailed by award winning author Khaled Ahmed who has likened it to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the Lewis Carrol Classic ...more

Tehmina calls for alternative to madrassa system
National News London - press release
Eminent writer Tehmina Durrani on Tuesday called for providing an alternative to the madrassa syatem in Afghanistan ...more

Tehmina book explores the ravages of war
Fatima Mujtaba - DAWN
'In difficult times, for those living in war and conflict, it can become a challenge to be happy when bloodshed becomes the norm...' ...more

Durrani launches book on war-torn Afghanistan
Anwar Abbasi - Islamabad
The book has aquired rave reviews from critics, and is expected to be another feather in Durrani's cap who has won accolades for her previous works ...more

Tehmina launches crusade for children of war
Correspondent - Lahore
INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed writer and human rights activist Tehmina Durrani has declared a new Jehad for the security and rehabilitation of the 'Children of War' ...more

Tehmina calls attention to children of war
DAWN Lahore - Wed July 10, 2013
The international human rights London arranged a seminar on eradication of terrorism and sectarianism on Tuesday, says a press release issued here ...more

Tehmina urges world not to make the USSR's mistake
Daily Times - Wed July 10, 2013
Tehmina Durrani requested the British parliamentarians to use their influence to ensure that negligence towards the children of war following the end of the Soviet occupation was not repeated ...more

Tehmina urges UK to check violation of HR charter
City News (The News) - July 11, 2013
International human rights arranged a seminar against the eradication of terrorism and sectairianism ...more

Tehmina to waje 'Jihad' for peace
National News - Daily Times - July 19, 2013
Ranowned author Tehmina Durrani said on Thursday, she would waje a ‘jihad for peace in the world' and asked citizens accross the globe to join in this noble cause ...more

A pacifists quest for thet welfare of war children
Mansoor Malik - July 18, 2013
'...This symbolic gesture will begin a peacful 'jihad', wherein the people of Pakistan ill give Afghan children a hand of security, concern and love...' ...more

Tehmina Durrani to launch 'jihad to save children of war'
Tribune - Hard Times - July 19, 2013
'...We have to take all children of war inclusiwhether they are targeted by drone strikes, by the taliban or any other terrorist organization...' ...more

Tehmina Durrani - a visionary of another kind
Shahab Ansari
'...I have neither political affiliation with a party nor any hidden agenda and I‘m trying my best to make the world a better place for the next generations without any prejudice and that's my sole aganda...' ...more

Durrani up for war-hit children
The Nation
....Durrani said she would seek world-wide support to join in the cause. 'When we stand up, the leadership will bow before us' ...more

Durrani, launches her fourth book
The Frontier Post - Islamabad
Legendary author, Tehmina Durrani, here Saturday launches here fourth book, “Happy Things in Sorrow Times” to highlight the sufferings being faced by Afghani people especially women and people in Pakistan's Waziristan agency in the war against terrorism ...more

Durrani, launches treatise against war
Pakistan Today - Islamabad
Set against the backdrop of the ongoing war, Happy Things in Sorrow Times is a delicately-wrought tale—told from the hopeful heart of an Afghan child—of love, hardship, separation, loss and fear. ...more

Afghan children - Surviving the demons of war
Blaming the children of war for what they become is akin to blaming a rape victim for provoking her rapist. These were the words of Tehmina Durrani-Sharif as she spoke at the launch event for her latest book, Happy Things in Sorrow Times. ...more

Legendary author
Daily Times
...Set against the backdrop of the ongoing war, Happy Things in Sorrow Times is a delicately-wrought tale—told from the hopeful heart of an Afghan child—of love, hardship, separation, loss and fear ...more

'Reality can seem like an illusion, illusion can become a reality'
Ms Durrani's book, a mix of fantasy and fable, explores the uncertainty of war and the innocence it robs of those who become used to experiencing brutality and violence ...more

Voice for the voiceless women and children in Afghanistani
Dailty Times
The book is a treatise on war and it emphasises the importance of caring for Afghanistan's damaged young citizens long after US-led forces leave the country next year ...more