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Launching Ceremony of Book on Eidhi Held on Footpath
ZafarUllah Khan - The Frontier Post
....'I started my life on the footpath by selling matchboxes and used to sleep on it too. I begged for Eidi Foundation on footpaths and today I am launching my autobiography here' ...more

'A Mirror to The Blind' Launched Amid Simplicity
Writer - Publication
....The launching ceremony was contrary to the usual decorum reserved for such an occasion. It consisted of a stall outside Jumah Bazaar and a stage occupied by Eidhi, Dr Qazi (his reliable deciple) and Tehmina Durrani. the striking element was ...more

Sattar Eidhi's Biography Launched
Writer - Publication proceeds from the book will go to finance Eidhi Trust projects. A major new venture is the setting up of public kitchens and Maulana Eidhi said that initially the kitchens will be set up in lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi, but the ultimate ...more

Eidhi's Biography Launched on a Roadside
Writer - Publication
....He stated that he had made open his life for the people. He prayed for Establishment of an Islamic welfare state thata can guarantee all basic amenities of life to its citizens ...more

A Mirror to the Blind
Writer - Publication
...a life and commitment such as that of Mr Eidhi need not be embellished ith adjectives. It appears at times that the narrator explains too much; such as about the details of the blood and gore of violence, as well as commenting on the actions of others. It would have been ...more

Excerpts From the Book
Writer - Publication
....Only when i performed some deed as compensation, would the taunts stop. Her remarks and insults were torturous and trained me to deprive myself rather than pay the heavy toll she extracted for what she termed ":seeds of greed that grow into an oak tree." ...more

I have no Link with any Group
Writer - Publication
....'My Feudal Lord was a story of inherited wealth and lust for power but the autobiography of Eidhi was based on hard and factual incidents of the life of a man who has truely served humanity ...more

G8 Summit - Lunch with President of Italy, the First Lady and Mr Eidhi.