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Through the Eyes of a Woman
Anjana Sharma- Publication
....The power of BLasphemy does not lie in its portrayal of the sexual circus, rather the novel rises above the phiysicality at moments when Tehmina Durrani reflects about how religious fundamentalism exploits all people regardless of gender, class or status ...more

Alice in Plunderland
Shandana Khan Mohmand - Publication
....The name ‘Blasphemy' is apt for this story because i'm tryimg to point out the religious powerhouses that blaspheme, where the message of Allah and the Prophet has been distorted, twisted and exploited to such an extent that it has become a completely different religion ...more

From 'My Feudal Lord' to Freedom
Shandana Khan Mohmand - Publication
....The peer / mureed system is a lethal institution that is harming a lot of people. Many of these people do not have the means, freedom, knowledge or the courage to pull themselves out of this lethal spiritual trap. If such a large section of society is opressed in this manner, it is important that they be pulled out, discussed ...more

Dans Les Griff Du Lion Du Punjab
Writer - Publication
....Tehmina Durrani e una donna des lotta en prima persona contro la societa musalmana diminato dall'uomo Le 'gelosie' (inalto) ...more

After Feudal Lords, Tehmina takes on Pirs
Sheela Redov - New Delhi
....'In my case i could see openings, I could leave four times - even if i did come back because of the pressure And eventually i did leave" ...more

A Woman & Writer of Substance
Rashed Rehman - Publication
...The unending and misery and conflicts engendered within Heer as a result of these happenings has two contradictory results. On theo ne hand she accepts her mother-in-law's time-tested advice to satisfy her man in all his whims if she is to remain secure as the mistress of her confined realm ...more