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The Evil That Men Do
Hanna Bloch - Time Asia
....a life dissolves in a splash of acid thrown in anger. Now two victims of domestic britality in Pakistan speak out ...more

Tehmina for Declaring Illegal acid Sale a Crime
Writer - Publication
....tehmina Durrani, ex-wife of the PPP leader Ghulam Mustafaa Khar has demanded of the government to declare sale and purchase of acid without licence a crime ...more

Fakhra's Face is the Crime of a Man against Woman. it is not a Shame for her
Writer - Publication
....Demostic abuse is routinely swept under the carpet in Pakistan; Durrani's book put it in the headlines both domestically and abroad. My Feudal Lord has been translated into 36 languages and Durrani continues to recieve awards and recognition overseas for her ocurage ...more

Fakhra Wants to go Abroad for Treatment
Kamran Haider - Publication
....Tehmina said Pakistans image was already damadged by its rulers' decisions and actions, not by its people. How can the interest of the state be against the interest of a hapless citizen ...more

The Other Side of the Story
Asghar Butt - The Nation
....but it must have seemed to him the only way to keep her. With that face she could not go anywhere. I know he caused a lot of pain to poor Fakhra, but compared to the pain that Bilal suffered as a jilted husband, must have been far more. What is, after all, the pain of body as compared to the pain of ...more

Suffering in Silence
Writer - Publication
....'This is not a major task for the government. If it wishes so then the required documents will be ready in not more than two hours.' This cae has not been registered in the Civil Court. She could have been considered a special case ...more

In Choosing Death Over Life, Pakistani Woman Stirs a Nation
Declan Walsh - Publication
....Fakhra younas went under the surgeon's knife 38 times, hoping to repair the gruesome damage inflicted by a vengeful Pakistani man who had doused her face in acid a decade earlier, virtually melting her mouth, nose and ears ...more

Fakhra's Testimony was Never Heard, Says Petiton
Zeeshan Mujahid - Publication
....Nearly nine years ago the court aquitted a man charged with attacking Fakhra Younas with acid - without hearing what she had to say. This point, among others, has become the grounds on which a group of people have files a petition ...more

Press Briefing
...I took a band of strong armed men and Fakhra was at last in my home. But by the evening we had heard of the continuing physical and sexual abuse that Fakhra had suffered. I decided to take a stand as a member of the human race and the community of responsible citizens. Her husband flew to Karachi where he threatened to kidnap Fakhra's son, whom I had already managed to bring to his mother before that happened. He began to threaten us with ...more

Tehmina's Letters
His Excellency, Signor Vincennso Prati, Italian Ambassador to Pakistan - April 15, 2012
The Chief Executive: Pervez Musharaf - May 19, 2001
General Moin-ud-Uddin Hayder - June 23, 2001

Press Conferences
Acid Terrorism - December 19, 2002
Stop Acid Crime
Importing Expertise instead of Exporting Acid victims

Press Releases

June 17, 2001 - After the C.E'S press conference on 16th June 01, the interior minister made a statement to the editors of various newspapers. The Urdu newspaper Ausaf reported it on the 17th ...more

July 3, 2001 - I am pleased to inform the people and the national media that the government of Pakistan has issued Fakhra and her son their ID cards on the 2nd of July. I have applied for their passports on an urgent basis, so that they may proceed to Italy. The voice of a resource-less ...more

July 6, 2001 - As far as the ID card is concerned, the urgency to procure It is very obvious. Specialists in Italy for whom time is very valuable have had to wait to begin treatment on Fakhra for over two months now. If the Interior Ministry finds ...more

I am pleased that the government has at last responded to our distress by issuing a statement. In my perception public opinion has forced the interior ministry to respond. Governments that desire to ...more

August 2, 2001 - I am pleased that the government has at last responded to our distress by issuing a statement. In my perception public opinion has forced the interior ministry to respond. Governments that desire to ...more